5 Things To Do After A Car Accident

Accidents happen. Even the safest drivers can be involved in a collision. Regardless of who is at fault, after an accident do these 5 things:

1.  Take a Deep Breath

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, you will probably be in shock and have adrenaline coursing through your blood stream. You may be feeling fear or anger at the other driver. Take a deep breath. Pausing for a moment can prepare you for the work ahead.

2.  Access the Scene

Today everyone has a camera phone. Use it. Take pictures as soon as you can after the accident to document what the scene looks like.  Try to get photos from several different angles. You should frame photos with street signs or intersections visible if possible. if you case goes to trial, these photos will be a huge help to set the scene for a fact finder. After documenting the scene, if the cars are blocking traffic, move your vehicles out of the way if you can.

Take photos of the other driver’s license and insurance card as well.

3.  Call the Police

Even in minor accidents, you should wait for a police report. Sometimes the report will be necessary to file an insurance claim. It is also important to ‘lock in’ the other driver’s story. While the other driver may seem conciliatory at the scene, if no police report is filed, they can change their story later without much consequence.

4.  Get Medical Treatment

Even if your injuries seem minor, it is important to see a doctor. Sometimes injuries are not apparent. In many cases, your injury may not manifest it self for a day or so after the accident. After the accident, adrenaline is usually pumping through your body. This shot of adrenaline helps boast your cognitive functions but it also temporarily suppresses your pain receptors. If you wake up the next day with back or neck pain, go see a doctor!

5.  Talk to An Attorney

Any attorney worth hiring will be willing to give you a free consultation to inform you of your rights, responsibilities and deadlines. Remember that strict time limits are running against you.  Please let us help you with your accident. We offer a sliding scale of fees. Most firms require a flat contingent fee from 33% to 50% of the amount recovered, but if we believe that our compensation should be commiserate with the amount of work we do. If we can help you settle your claim within 60 days without filing suit, you should not have to give up as much of your recovery.  Contact us for more details on how our flexible fee can get you the help you need while not overcharging you.