Does My Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

With the recent devastating floods in the New Orleans area, many people ask me if their cars are covered for flood. The answer really depends on what type of car insurance you purchased.

Most people in South Louisiana know that you need a separate flood insurance policy to cover damages to your home and personal property, but you do not need a special policy for flood insurance. If you purchased a comprehensive auto policy, then you are covered for flood losses.  However, if you have a liability only policy, then you probably do not have flood coverage.

Auto Flood Claim Tips:

Call your claim in as soon as practical. Time is of the essence regarding your flood damage claim. In situations where the flooding is wide-spread, getting your claim in early can help you get your vehicle repaired or replaced quicker. If your insurance agent’s office is not available, contact your insurance company’s claim service directly.

Get your vehicle dried out as soon as possible. The sooner your vehicle gets dried out the better your chances of avoiding a total loss claim. If you are unsure about the proper techniques, google it! Or contact a cleaning professional.

Use your insurance carrier’s preferred body shop. Although I recommend this action for all damage claims, it is especially important with flood damage. One of the major problems with a flood damaged vehicle is the potential for future problems. Flood damage repairs can be tricky as the modern automobile is full of electronics that do not react well to water immersion. Using your insurance carrier’s preferred body shop usually guarantees the shops work. Check with your insurance company or agent to see if your repairs are guaranteed.