Comparing Fault in Louisiana Courts

From a very early age, we learn what it means to be ‘my fault.’ Bickering children often scream that ‘its not my fault!’ as a defense to an intervening parent. To kids, fault is either yours, mine, or nobody’s. For a long period of our legal history, this was generally the legal rule as well

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DMCA Counter-Notice Victory For Firm Client

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act provides a mechanism for allegedly aggrieved copyright owners to have infringing material taken off a website. But it also provides a ‘counter-notice’ system where the allegedly infringing content owner can dispute and assert ownership or fair use over the material in question. This post may seem very technical, but it is an

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Photograph Your Accident Scene

Smartphone Revolution Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, the market for smartphones has ballooned. A decade later the smartphone has become ubiquitous. Rather than a luxury, most pockets and purses contain a powerful mini-computer. But how has this changed the way accidents are litigated? The widespread use of smartphones means that nearly everyone you

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