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Melvin Albritton Recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in Personal Injury Law

Melvin Albritton has joined the ranks of the Lawyers of Distinction. Lawyers of Distinction uses it own independent criteria, including both objective and subjective factors in determining if an attorney can be recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in the United States in their respective field. Based on its review of Mr. Albritton’s work, it has

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Comparing Fault in Louisiana Courts

From a very early age, we learn what it means to be ‘my fault.’ Bickering children often scream that ‘its not my fault!’ as a defense to an intervening parent. To kids, fault is either yours, mine, or nobody’s. For a long period of our legal history, this was generally the legal rule as well

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Photograph Your Accident Scene

Smartphone Revolution Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, the market for smartphones has ballooned. A decade later the smartphone has become ubiquitous. Rather than a luxury, most pockets and purses contain a powerful mini-computer. But how has this changed the way accidents are litigated? The widespread use of smartphones means that nearly everyone you

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